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SleepTrends Diagnostic Centers is a physician owned sleep lab, accredited with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. 

We evaluate and treat adults and children (as young as 3 years old) experiencing sleep disorders, such as Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Narcolepsy, and other common conditions. 

The importance of having good sleep is vital for your health. Your private life may begin to suffer if you have an untreated sleep disorder. Many students suffering from sleep disorders usually have poor academic performance. Children may develop behavioral disorders such as ADHD, depression, and may be labeled as slow or lazy. 

One of the most common sleep issues we treat is Obstructive Sleep Apena (OSA). An individual with OSA usually experiences times during sleep where car is not flowing normally through lungs. OSA can be very dangerous, as you can fall asleep while driving, develop high blood pressure, heart disease, or have a stroke. 

Symptoms of sleep apnea

While Sleeping: 

Loud snoring

Gasping or choking sounds 

Pauses in breathing 

Sudden or jerky body movements 

Frequent awakenings 


While Awake: 

Morning headache and sluggishness

Dry or sore throat in the morning

Sleepiness and tiredness during the day

Personality changes, mood swings

Poor memory and lack of concentration

Being diagnosed for Sleep Apnea can be done during an overnight stay at our sleep center. During this process your breathing, heart rate, sleep state, and oxygen levels will be monitored. 

Preparation for your sleep study



Remove make-up, wash hair, let our team know of any special needs you will require in advanced. Take any usual medications, eat dinner, and refrain from drinking caffeine/alcohol on the evening of your study.

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What to bring

Bring something comfortable to sleep in. Have your identification card, and completed paperwork. Feel free to bring your favorite pillow/blanket or book to read (not required).

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What to expect

Cell phones must be turned off during testing to avoid interference, overnight guests, other than caregivers or legal guardians, cannot be allowed. Please make arrangements to leave the following morning usually between 5 and 6 am.

Results for sleep study will be available within 5-7 days.

Our sleep coordinator will schedule your follow up appointment. During your next appointment, any necessary adjustments to equipment can be made. 

At-Home Sleep Study How To Video

If you would like to have your sleep study done at home, and are a current patient, watch this video as a guide on what is needed to ensure it is done properly. We will set you up for any equipment, such as CPAP/BiPAP, mask, tubing, etc. once approved by insurance. If insurance does not approved, we can facilitate all DME outsourcing. 

If your are diagnosed with OSA there are several treatment options based on the severity of your problem. For example if your sleep apnea is due to being overweight, weight loss may cause the condition to completely go away. 

Other actions might include: 

  • Avoiding alcohol at least 4 hours before bedtime
  • Sleeping on your side instead of your back
  • Use of a sleep aid device
  • Surgery 
The exact type of device or surgery will be recommended by your healthcare professional.

Sleep Studies are scheduled 7 nights a week, and are available at over 3 locations. Schedule an appointment or receive a referral to get one completed. 

If you cancel and/or no show within 24hrs you will be charged a fee of $100. If you need to reschedule you will be a charged a fee of $50. Payment for your sleep study Must be paid Before your study is completed. 



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